Ian Sergeant Tan


Full Stack Developer🍔


- 10 years experience as Full Stack Developer, writing frontends in TypeScript/ES6/React/GraphQL along with maintaining backends in Ruby on Rails, Golang, Java

- Experienced with Continuous Integration and Build tools(Jenkins, Maven, BuildKite) and other Java technologies such as Solr and Apache Camel

- Experienced with Python and Bash, Linux command line


[Ruby, Javascript, TypeScript, Java, Golang, Rust, Clojure, Python, SQL, CSS]

// Frameworks, Technologies

[RubyOnRails, React, AWS S3, PostgreSQL, GraphQL(🤮)]


Senior Full Stack Developer - Covidence
June 2021 - Present

- Implementation of features to enhance the experience of users using React on a Ruby On Rails application

- On call support duties to monitor application performance and mitigate outages

- Implement and document procedures for best practice, e.g. Incident Response, Code style, Testing

- Advise leadership on best practices to manage legacy code and accelerate delivery moving forward

Full Stack Developer - Serraview
September 2020 - June 2021

- Implement Cronofy service for managing SpaceIQ desk booking service

- Advise on architectural decisions for implementing microservice architecture, using my previous experience, working on complex systems

- Implement front-end features in ES6/React to enhance user experience on the SV3 platform

Full Stack Developer - Redbubble
Feb 2017 - July 2020

- Maintained a pipeline to keep millions of Google and Facebook ads in sync with an ever changing catalog of millions of products on Google Cloud

- Collaborated with designers and Product Managers to create rich frontend experiences for Artists and Consumers alike with ES6 and React

- Integrated with 3rd party APIs such as Paypal, Stripe, Facebook, Google, and Sift to enhance our website's capabilities

- Wrote proof of concept API to power mobile uploads on to the Redbubble Marketplace

Just Auto, Web Developer
March 2014 - August 2015

- Collected requirements and implemented custom user interfaces for dramatically improving the workflow of the Just Auto production team, from approving private advertisements to preparing reports of sales leads

- Assisted Head of Development with technology upgrade of CMS system, migrate codebase from SVN to Git, configure and created Jenkins CI jobs to facilitate development and integration

- Created microservice for Magazine Print Operations software into its own service to facilitate faster development and to respond faster to our customer's feedback

- Implement new advertisement feeds on our Apache Camel server to process car dealer advertising, allowed server to categorise and collate trucks and trailers


Bachelor of Software Engineering from RMIT University in Victoria with Distinction.